Season 4 Chapter 2 of Fortnite battle royale has produced marvelous time so far for gamers and fans. The recent collaboration with Marvel has united several communities and brought them to Fortnite. 

The only of his kind, the one the undead fear most… the Daywalker has arrived.

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— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) September 25, 2020

Statistically, there has been an exponential rise in the number of players since the partnership. Similarly, the meta in Fortnite is currently dominated by Marvel based mythic weapons. 

In light of recent events, Epic Games has also announced its plans for the future. The inclusion of BTS and DJ Slushii is indeed an innovative venture. 

Epic Games making Fortnite a platform

Epic Games is trying its best to make Fortnite a platform for popular culture. This plan is going to solidify the game’s legacy in an unprecedented way. It is also lovely to see that Epic Games are delivering on their promises. 

As always, Epic loves to leave little hints and clues in the game for players to figure out. The latest mail sent to creators had the word “Daywalker.” This teased another popular Marvel character, Blade. Popularized through the movies by Wesley Snipes, Blade is a ruthless vampire who fights for humans in the Marvel Universe. 

With the v14.20 update, the community finally had a chance to get their hands on Wolverine. This was one of the most awaited characters in the game. Since that went down successfully, Epic decided to go ahead with several more Marvel characters. Thus began the hunt for solving all the clues they have left in the game. 

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More Marvel characters incoming

(Image Courtesy – Epic Games)

One of these clues points to another mutant that might come to the map soon. The Prisoner Transport Truck has been opened from inside, although players have no clue who the prisoner might be. Reports suggest that it is Juggernaut, an anti-hero famous for his rivalry with Wolverine. 

The latest inclusion of Blade in Fortnite is also a marker of new characters getting in the game. Epic Games still have some loose ends to tie up. They teased about another Fantastic Four character named Crystal, which was not introduced. However, there is a big possibility that she might be included soon. 

Blade comes with a bundle (2300 V-bucks) of his own, which features various cosmetics and emotes. Hopefully, Epic Games will also have a mythic power prepared for Blade; only time will tell.