Chapter 1 has been over for four months, but this edit brings everything full-circle; literally.

Fortnite Chapter 2 was a welcome restart to the game and the lore. We had been playing different versions of the same map for two years, and a new island was what the game needed to feel fresh again.

Now, four months into the longest season in Fortnite history, it’s hard not to look back at Chapter 1 with some strong nostalgia. The events, the ever-changing meta; everything. Fortnite just seemed more exciting back then.

Hopefully, Epic is working on bringing this excitement into Chapter 2. It’s difficult to underestimate the development team that has brought us some of the most memorable cinematics and live-events in all of gaming.

Reddit user Brozly brought Chapter 1 crashing back into everyone’s mind with one of the best edits you’ll see. The major events are edited together so well, making the ‘Loop Theory’ seem more like a cinematic short than a compilation of live events.

This video is marked as a theory, although it’s difficult to tell what the creator was getting at without an explanation. They clarified in a comment, “It is true that we are no longer in Athena, but all the things we have experienced there continue to happen time and time again even when we are not there,” although this isn’t completely straightforward.

From what I can gather, the theory is that everything is still happening on the Athena island, even though we’re not seeing it anymore. More than that, it’s all happening at once.

Anyone who has seen the Netflix show ‘Dark’ may have a better understanding of this theory (very small spoilers ahead). The show focuses on a time loop. The past influences the future and the future influences the past.

Epic Games

The bootstrap paradox is one of the more central themes of the show. The same theme is present in Terminator. An item from the future travels through time to the past, which allows the people of the past to create that same item. In the future, the item that they created eventually travels through time into the past, which restarts the loop.

Who created the first item, then? It couldn’t have been created without influence from the future. It exists outside of time. The Visitor triggers – or is – the bootstrap in this theory.

Fortnite Giant glowing cube, Rift above Loot Lake, landing pod within a meteor locationsFortnite Giant glowing cube, Rift above Loot Lake, landing pod within a meteor locations

The video, I think, aims to highlight the fact that everything was happening at once on the Athena island. At the end of the video, you see several events and cinematics laid on top of one another. There is no time, which is why Season X Overtime was dubbed ‘Out of Time.’

In the final moments, we see the original Battle Royale trailer play. The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. “When I hear this again, will it help me remember?”

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The Visitor, in his attempts to close the loop, is actually creating it. This is another paradox that presents itself in the Netflix show. Everything that you do to try to change the past ends up causing the thing that you’re trying to prevent.

What if shooting the meteor into the Zero Point caused the meteor to fall from the sky, trapping the Visitor in the loop once again? He no longer remembers that he’s been through all of this before, so he attempts to escape in a rocket, triggering the rifts, Kevin, and everything else that happened.

We still don’t know how the new island plays into the lore if all of this is true. Are we outside of the loop, now? Is the new island a separate part of the same loop? Do the events on Athena affect the new map and vice versa? We have to wait and see.