Global PUBG Mobile players can now check out the new Gold Rush and Explorer outfit
Do PUBG Mobile players want new outfits or robust anti-cheat system?

Global PUBG Mobile players can now check out the new Gold Rush and Explorer outfit. These are reportedly available for a limited time as part of the Wilderness Draw.  

These new outfit sets should now be seeding, and these would go on till 4 September. In a strange twist, as soon as PUBG Mobile announced the availability of the Gold Rush and Explorer outfit sets, netizens started demanding more robust anti-cheat systems, rather than taking into the newer outfit packs. Check out some reactions here: 


Firstly, PUBG’s tweet announcing the availability of the Explorer and Gold Rush outfit sets: 


Netizens demand strong anti-cheat systems: 





About time you removed outfits or skin from crates, the probability of getting one is stupendously low and a joke, you treat mobile players as a massive cash cow.

— matt (@mattwgn1983) August 19, 2019


In related news, PUBG Mobile players in India are in total awe of the Indian contingent at the PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2019 (PMSC 2019), in this regard, if you support the Indian eSports content creators and professional teams, do check out the first episode of the PMSC 2019; this is called Road To Stardom.  

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