Competitive Fortnite players may have to find a new strategy since one user discovered a new bug that grants easy access to enemies hiding in boxes. 

A Reddit user discovered yesterday that if players approach an enemy box from the top, it’s possible to glitch through a cone and a roof to fall straight into the box. This glitch becomes even more effective because it can be replicated successfully. 

To perform this glitch, players have to ramp up on top of an enemy box that has a roof underneath a cone. Instead of wasting time by attempting to break the cone, players can place a floor behind them and edit two pieces to make a half-floor. Then, after backing into it and breaking the cone, players will fall directly through to the box. 

This trick also works with a wall placed behind the player instead of a floor, according to other Fortnite players. 

Players will easily be able to drop onto unsuspecting victims that are hiding inside of boxes. Typically, competitive players will box up in the late game to protect themselves from damage, so this glitch effectively nullifies this strategy. 

new exploit trick???

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This glitch does take a reasonable amount of time and it may not work on the first try, however. It took the user two tries at breaking the cone to activate the glitch, for example. Considering it can be replicated, however, it’s extremely effective.

Due to the severity of this bug, it’ll likely be patched soon. If it gets a planned fix, it’ll be placed on the official Fortnite Trello board.