Fortnite Fortnite “God Mode” Glitch Discovered | Epic Games

A new glitch in Fortnite has been discovered that makes players unable to take damage. There have been tons of Fortnite glitches since the games launch back in 2017, and this newest one is one of the most game-breaking of them all. The bug is fairly simple and involves the player glitching in a vehicle that is in near proximity to a Stash. The player has to destroy the Stash before hopping into the vehicle, then rendering them unable to take damage.

The glitch, entitled “God Mode”, was discovered by a popular Fortnite YouTuber appropriately named Glitch King. In the video, they demonstrate how to execute the glitch. It is easiest to do the glitch near the drive-in theater to the left of Frenzy Farm if you are looking to enter God Mode yourself. In the video, Glitch King says that the glitch as been live for multiple days and that there still is not a patch that has fixed the bug. Riot has not said yet if there is a patch coming that will address the apparent “God Mode” glitch.

With Season 4 in full swing, players are diving deep into all the content available. With the huge Marvel crossover highlighting Fortnite Season 4, players are always looking for an edge on their opponents. Let’s hope Epic Games patches this before players begin to abuse its godly powers.