The official Fortnite status Twitter account posted this evening that the game’s servers will be down tomorrow morning beginning at 3am CT for the implementation of a new patch. 

Fortnite’s v11.40 will be released tomorrow after servers are back up, and the patch couldn’t come fast enough for many influencers who have been complaining about the game’s bugs and lag-related issues. 

Fortnite Status on Twitter

Hi, all! v11.40 ➡ tomorrow. Downtime for the patch begins at 4 AM ET (0900 UTC). Stay tuned for updates when downtime ends.

The last update that Fortnite received was in December in preparation for the game’s “Winterfest,” and in the past few weeks, content creators like Ninja and Tfue have expressed their displeasure with the state of the game.

Yesterday, Tfue fell victim to an in-game bug that ultimately killed him when he picked up a knocked enemy he was attempting to execute. He was quickly taken out by another opposing player before being able to defend himself because the act of picking someone up disarmed him.

Earlier in the month, Ninja took issue with general lag and framerate drops that he has been experiencing, and he theorized that the issues had to be happening because Epic hadn’t updated the game recently enough.

Epic hasn’t announced any specific content or changes that will come with the new patch, but the expectation is that a patch could include hotfixes that will provide for a more quality in-game experience.