From all of the shotguns available in Fortnite Chapter 2, star Twitch streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff has revealed his favorite to be the Rare Tactical Shotgun, despite there being several better options, at least on paper.

The launch of Chapter 2 in Fortnite really limited the pool of weapons available in the game, with there now being only two types of shotguns – the Tac and Pump.

However, both guns have all five rarities available, so there are essentially 10 combined different variations of the two shotguns that players can find on the map.

In theory, the blue Tac should be the third best of its class, since the Legendary and Epic variants offer better stats.

However, NICKMERCS has made his case for why it’s the best shotgun in the game – better than the two higher rarities and all of the Pump versions as well.

Related imageNICKMERCS believes the Rare Tactical Shotgun is the best weapon in its class in Fortnite Chapter 2 (Epic Games)

For the Fortnite superstar, the main appeal of the Rare Tac is that it’s faster to pull out and feels better than its superior variants.

“I don’t care so much for the Gold Tac,” he said. “I just hate how it feels. It’s got a slower pull out for sure, but I don’t even like how it feels when I shoot it. That’s why they call it the ‘Heavy Tac.’ I just don’t like it. I don’t like that gun. Blue Tac is the best for me, and Green Tac is immediately behind it.”

He maintained his position even when confronted with the statistics for all of the Tactical Shotguns, which showed the blue one having less body and headshot damage and slower reload time than its purple and gold counterparts.

Pull out time drops that down a few pegs.

— Nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) October 23, 2019

Nick also made it clear that he would take the blue Tac over any of the Pump Shotguns, claiming that the latter just isn’t as viable of an option at this point.

“‘Is the Pump viable again?’ No, no, no,” he said. “You guys want a Tac Shotgun all day, trust. You can use the Pump, it’s just not what you’re looking for. I think the Blue Tac is the best shotgun, in my opinion.”

However, he did go on to admit that it would be hard to go against the Epic and Legendary variants of the Pump also being right up there in terms of strength and usability.

“You could make a good argument for the purple or gold Pump Shotgun, and I won’t argue with you,” he admitted. “Just personally, the blue Tac hits so hard. Very, very reliable shotgun. Very easy shots to hit, so when you’re in those tight little corners, you can just keep popping off. To me, it’s worth it. But, I also understand the importance of hitting a 200 head Pump, and you can only do that with the purple and gold, so pick your poison.”

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At the end of the day, as Nick said several times, choosing which weapon to use should be mainly based on personal comfort and ability.

Those who feel more comfortable using a certain weapon should do so, even if it’s not the highest rarity available, because all that matters is that it suits your needs and gets the job done.