Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan explain why they don’t focus on competitive Fortnite as Ninja was reportedly dropped by duo partner Reverse2k.

Being a Fortnite content creator has its ups and downs. It was, certainly, a difficult job when Epic continued to extend the stale Season 1.

Many high-level content creators like Ninja, SypherPK, Nickmercs, and others are also expected to compete in Fortnite tournaments. Pub-stomping gets them viewers, but a lot of fans expect them to translate that experience into tournament placements.

SypherPK and Ninja have been frequently playing together of late, and neither of them have taken competitive Fortnite seriously since Season 2 came out. Both players performed well during the Squads FNCS, but neither have focused on ‘scrimming’ since it ended.

Fortnite competitive series chapter 2

Fortnite competitive series chapter 2

The two discussed their reasoning for abandoning competitive Fortnite during a recent stream. SypherPK clipped the conversation and uploaded it to his second channel, ‘More SypherPK.’

Both streamers cited the current competitive meta and complaints from pro players, along with the fact that Epic hasn’t announced any tournaments for Season 2.

“It’s foolish and it’s borderline irresponsible to just focus on competing when you could be making content – and you don’t even know what you’re working towards in terms of competition because they (Epic) haven’t announced anything yet,” Sypher told his stream.

“Imagine being a content creator,” Ninja replied, “and forcing yourself, right, to deal with competitive when you don’t have to – when there isn’t something to play.”

This mentality makes sense for top streamers like Ninja and SypherPK, but a large chunk of the Fortnite streaming community is dedicated to competitive gaming – as Sypher acknowledged. We saw the two worlds collide, recently, when Ninja and Malachi ‘Reverse2k’ Greiner played duo pro-scrims together.

The two were clearly out of sync, and Ninja’s lack of attention to competitive Fortnite was evident. Most viewers came to the conclusion that Ninja was making mistakes and then blaming Reverse2k – something that came to a head after several games together.

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The time he streamed, Reverse was playing scrimmages with another duo partner – Sane – leaving many to assume that he had dropped Ninja as a partner.

In his discussion with Sypher, Ninja admitted that he would start “grinding” competitive Fortnite if there was something to play for, but won’t focus on it until then. Reverse2k appears to be all-in on competing this season, and Ninja doesn’t seem to be the right partner for that.

We’ll see if the Reverse and Ninja play together once again, but that latter will likely have to dedicate more time to competitive Fortnite for the partnership to work. Ninja has always been insanely competitive, but he needs more of an incentive than, “online, little, practice matches,” as he put it.