EP697 : No signs of an economic revival, Mumbai murder mystery, PUBG murder case & more | The Urban Debate

On The Urban Debate tonight, 

Story 1: #EconomicSlowdown

Is a #GST rate cut the solution? Will festive season boost demand? Does real estate need an intervention?

What is required to be done immediately is pump-priming, which means more liquidity has to be infused in the economy and that can be done by the government: Ajay Dua, Fmr Commerce Secretary

Story 2: Mumbai Murder Mystery

According to Sources, accused claimed that he had supernatural powers which guided & made him commit the crime. Accused allegedly also called the police & informed them of crime. Police are probing angles.

Story 3: Argument over PUBG turns fatal

A 25-year-old man from Karnataka allegedly murdered his 60-year-old father and severed his head after he took away his phone, cut off the internet connection and forbid him from playing PUBG. What can be done to help our youth? 

Watch for more details!