Good news, gamers! Blizzard has announced the “Overwatch 2,” which is the sequel to its famous team shooter Overwatch, onstage at Blizzcon 2019. Happy enough??? The original Overwatch was released about three years ago. While Blizzard has continued to expand the game with new heroes, new maps, and new game modes, it has not gotten a significant update like this in the lifetime of the game.

Adding to some personal backgrounds and characters, Bizzare will launch its new season with a much-updated view. It has been building up to this feature for so long, and now it is the D-Day that they will launch the same. They have worked hard on cinematic experiences and even betterment of the content. The Overwatch 2 announcement movie picks up after the variety of short films that Blizzard has released so far, seeing the heroes of Overwatch facing off against the Null Sector — an invading robot force. Deflecting from the original game was primarily a Player vs.Player, multiplayer experience, the sequel appears to be emphasizing cooperative Player vs. Environment content that will see players face off against multiple computer enemies in both story levels and more replayable “hero missions.” The players will also be able to level up their heroes and customize their abilities, is another first for the franchise.

However, some fans are drawing significant comparisons with Pubg and Call of Duty and their gaming experiences. One fan, in comparison with Pubg, said that he feels more open towards the world and realistic. There are about 100 players per round PUBG, while the map is enormous, and no two matches are the same, in the end, it starts to feel like Drop here, grab a gun and gamers can hope for the best. Going to the circle and shoot what one can see. Overwatch, on the other hand, has more diverse gameplay. Different game-modes, different maps, and a lot more diverse characters, and each play a bit different.

Some also drew a comparison with Call of duty and said both of these games are very well designed and produced. They are similar in some aspects, while entirely different in others.

When in comparison with the “Glory Days” of Call of Duty, He has said that overwatch is the worse game. However, when in contrast with the past few installments of Call of Duty, He recommends overwatch would be the better game.

In last we can conclude one thing there are positives and negatives to both. Now the new season is coming with new surprises, I guess. Just wait for it, and yes, keep your fingers crossed!!