Today, a new record for the number of Online players in CS:GO, but a community fell increasingly with concern asks, how do so many people suddenly interested in the products of Valve.

Today in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is another record fell. In the last 24 hours on the servers zameldowało more than 900 thousand people.

And this is just a day after he set a record by 2016, which in the course of 4 years, it is incredibly difficult even close.

Where are all these players?

A lot of people seen the return in CS:GO to the top in less interest in Fortnite. In fact, in different groups or pages of the game of Epic Games dedicated to often przewijało recently CS:GO. Many people get bored of the current season Fortnite, which lasted extremely long (so that two of the regular season and the beginning of the third).

League of Legends is also in any case, it is felt, and the CS:GO stats, you can track.

A growing number of players, you can not only a Couple, but also on Twitchu. CS:GO in the last three days of the second preferably, for the current game, Fortnite, and some time ago was, he catches a fall, which is fighting for the fourth, fifth place.

In the last 90 days Fortnite on Twitchu 20% of the audience is lost. It is at such a large scale, a great many people. Somewhere all these people need to go, but by the Community, many people will indeed lead to CS.

If the majority does not bother it at all, however, some are experienced strongly that if CS, then it will be a lot of children, which is more difficult to play. And Fortnite Community are not so young as it may seem. Of course, many players of 18 years old, and it’s not so bad. According to social surveys, the majority of people, 16-22, are not so bad.

In Fortnite in little more than a week, the new season starts. Then it will appear, or just CS:GO gaining popularity, whether it is actually the effects of a temporary reduction in Fortnite.