NAVI MUMBAI: A 16-year-old college student, a ‘PUBG addict’, who ran away from his Nerul home on September 16, was found by police in Kolkata.
Aayush Chudaji had reportedly gone there for the finals of a national PUBG championship in October. API Swapnil Ijjapwar said, “The boy was taken into custody by Entally police at NRS medical college & hospital at Sealdah on Thursday. A policeman noticed that he was loitering around. When he asked the boy if he was lost, he cried and admitted he had run away.”
When the boy sought help as he had no money to go home, police contacted his mother. Police handed him over to the child welfare committee.
“The boy’s uncle and a head constable have gone to Kolkata. They will reach back on Sunday morning,” he added.