A PUBG Corp employee responded to player complaints Friday about a bug affecting the PUBG Xbox ping system currently on the Public Test Server.

According to PUBG Xbox community manager Andy “Andymh5” Hall, the radio message wheel frequently appears on-screen when players rapidly aim or aim down sights then release the command immediately after clicking the right thumb stick.

“Hi, this is a bug that the community has highlighted to us,” Hall wrote on Reddit. “Our dev team is working on getting this issue resolved as a high priority.”

The radio message system, PUBG Xbox’s take on an Apex Legends-style ping system, arrived on the game’s PTS July 23 alongside the BRDM-2 armored vehicle, the high-powered Deagle pistol, improved loot sooting and several other quality of life improvements.

PUBG Corp has previously stated it would consider adding a toggle for the ping system.

The radio message system and the rest of the update are scheduled to hit live servers July 30.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp