Should PUBG be banned in India?
Now, after the PMCO 2019 and PMSC 2019 eSPorts events

The last couple of eSPorts tournaments revolving around PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile (PUBG Mobile) – the PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019 (PMCO 2019) and the current PUBG Mobile Series Challenge 2019 (PMSC 2019) have captured imaginations of Indian gaming enthusiasts more than ever. Gauging enthusiasts’ reaction to these tournaments in India definitely leads us to believe in the fact that PUBG despite controversies and debates surrounding it has potentially managed to offer a shot-in-the-arm for the Indian eSports domain.  

Here, it is worth remembering that the eSports domain in India has been fairly emerging for now; and considering the adulation that the Indian contingent at the PMCO 2019 and PMSC 2019 received, it is evident that eSports is the next “in” domain as far as gaming is concerned. The cheers for the Indian contingent – especially Team SouL (aka SOUL), TeamIND, and Indian Tigers; along with with the concerns expressed by Indians when these teams were denied visas, clearly proves that gaming in India has now reached another level.  

 First-for’s for India 

At the recently concluded PMCO 2019, Team SOUL’s IG Mortal was adjudged PMCO Website Fan Favourite Player of the Tournament which is a big laurel to win at an international eSPorts event. It is heartening to note that even before the PMCO 2019, Team SOUL’s content creators and streamers had received celebrity status as the team emerged regional champions.  

Hence, isn’t the above laurel big enough for the Indian eSports and gaming scene? 

Also, with the above honour coming at an international platform and this news being propagated across all platforms – we think that this is a right step as far as modernizing and encouraging the Indian eSports domain is concerned.  

Now, it is also irrefutable that PUBG which has been considered violent and fit to being banned by a section of gamers and critics has potentially resulted in positive developments as far as India at the global stage is concerned. Who is to blame if kids commit suicide just because their parents desisted from allowing them to play PUBG on a mobile phone? 

Hasn’t PUBG resulted in the increased emergence of the fairly new eSports sector in India which definitely has the potential to win the country more accolades in future events. 

In this scenario, check out all the encouragement that Team SOUL and the rest of the Indian contingent received from Indians just prior to the recent PMCO 2019. The country even stood behind the eSports team, like a rock, in challenging times when their visas were being denied by German authorities. These are first-for’s for Indian gaming.  

Finally, all the teams having participated in the recent eSports events definitely won hearts with their performance and with the way they battled rival PUBG teams. Isn’t PUBG to be thanked for, for these newer laurels? 

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