A PUBG hotfix went live on PC servers Tuesday addressing a bug that caused players inside the new BRDM-2 vehicle to take damage when hitting destructible objects.

PUBG Corp added the BRDM-2 to test servers June 19 before deploying it to live servers June 26. The BRDM-2 is particularly designed to perform as a heavily armored vehicle, making the damage bug all the more frustrating for players.

Additional minor fixes:
– Fixed visual issue with High Waisted Shorts overlapping some shirt skins
– Temporarily removed visually updated Erangel Ghillie Suit which will be re-added when the Erangel Visual Remaster comes to live servers

— PUBG Support (@PUBG_Support) July 3, 2019

Tuesday’s hot fix applied three other fixes without forcing server downtime. Check out the full list of changes below:

Fixed a bug causing players inside the BRDM-2 to take damage when driving through destructible objectsFixed a problem positioning the pan hitbox higher than intendedFixed a visual problem causing High Waisted Shorts to overlap with some shirt skinsTemporarily removed the visually updated Erangel ghillie suit, which will be re-added when the Erangel visual remaster arrives on live servers

Players must restart Steam to apply the hotfix to their clients.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp