PUBG Mobile has issued yet another update to its app that brings the version number to 0.14.0. This comes few weeks after the PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 update rollout. As a part of the new version, Tencent Games has included a bunch of updates for PUBG Mobile users. The highlight of the version 0.14.0 is the new Infected Mode in addition to the redesigned lobby, improved outfits, new vehicles, bug fixes and more.

New Zombie Infected mode features
This is an asymmetric PVP mode in which after the match starts, players automatically get divided into two teams of Zombies and Defenders just like the existing Red and Blue teams on Team Deathmatch mode.

While Defenders have the option to use firearms, Zombies can only use melee weapons and other abilities with cooldown time in this mode. The interesting part here is Zombies can be revived after getting killed by Defender, while Defenders will turn into Zombies after getting killed. If all Defenders gets infected, Zombies win and if there’s at least one Defender survives, then it’s a win for Defenders.

The update also comes with Android Resources Extension Pack that reduces the size of the Android installation package file and adds additional Expansion Pack that contains some rarely used items.

A new character system has been added in which each player will be assigned a character and each character will feature one skill at the beginning. This skill will only apply to EvoGround mode.

Apart from this, matchmaking and settings have been moved to the same page, new visual effects are added to the game.

Also, the Daily Mission page has been redesigned and it now gives users more options to choose the missions. The number of missions, however, have been reduced.

The update also brings a Helicopter, Dog Companion at the lobby screen. Other improvements include several bug fixes and graphics enhancements and more.