PUBG Mobile was released in March last year and since its launch, it has become one of the most popular mobile games on a global scale. Tencent’s PUBG Mobile has earned over $1 billion in revenue with a growth rate of 540% over last year, according to reports. The report claims, “PUBG Mobile has grown its gross revenue from approximately $25 million in August 2018 to slightly more than $160 million last month, an increase of about 540%.”


PUBG Mobile has also increased its revenue by 165% year-over-year on iOS outside of China. And, the battle royale competitor of PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, has witnessed a drop in its revenue by 36%. The report says, “Last month, they both grossed close to $25 million on Apple’s platform. If China is factored in (Fortnite has yet to launch there), PUBG Mobile earned 3.7 times more than Epic Games’ title last month on iOS.”

PUBG Mobile has reached over 400 million installs globally and added more than 45 million first-time players in the month of August. This is the largest ever new player base gathered by the game compared to 21 million first-time players that were obtained in July.

By crossing the $1 billion revenue mark, PUBG Mobile has gained a solid lead in terms of battle royale genre in mobile gaming across Google Play Store and App store.

PUBG Corp. pushes out new content consistently for PUBG Mobile. For instance, the new 0.14.5 update for PUBG Mobile introduces Royale Pass Season 9 along with a warrior-focused theme. The new update allows players to dismantle emotes and purchase UC for gaining rewards and discounts on rare firearm finishes.