The PUBG Mobile Update 0.15.0 has surfaced officially again, leading to speculations about its exact release date. Going by the available information, the update that introduces Payload Mode to PUBG Mobile could also have begun seeding officially. Now, teasing the update again officially, PUBG Mobile has indicated the most important feature which is the Ledge Grab functionality. Hence, you could check out if the update is now live.

PUBG Mobile Ledge Grab update

Teasing the above, in an official tweet, PUBG Mobile while replying to a gamer has cheekily stated that the update would roll out in October. Now, with October already here, it only makes sense for Tencent Games to seed the update. There are also indications that the release of the update could also be around the corner. At this juncture, anticipations for this update 0.15.0 are at an all-time high going by the social media reactions. This update is also called the Ledge Grab update.

USP of the update, as its name states, is its ability to offer players the ability to climb and move from one building to another in mid-air. This could also potentially result in players reaching places not being able to reach before. Hence, there are possibilities of newer rewards/treasures being unlocked as players get to explore Ledge Grab. There could be newer ways to slaughter enemies as well, with the new update. As far as the Payload Mode proper is concerned, it lets players use heavy machinery/weapons for killing. Even helicopters could be controlled with the new update.

Finally, in related PUBG updates, the ongoing PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split 2019 tournament has reached its semifinals stage. From the South Asian region, 24 teams have qualified for the semis. These include Indian representations as well. Hence, you could continue rooting for your favourite Indian eSports team – to boost eSports domain the country.

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