It was only a month or so back that PUBG Mobile Lite was announced in India and as the name suggests it is a lighter version of the main PUBG Mobile game. Now PUBG Mobile Lite has been updated to the 0.14.0 version which brings in some new changes to the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.0 update brings new emotes, outfits, bombing zone and more

PUBG Mobile Lite.

As per the changelog, here’s what all has been added to the game:

New WP theme and rewards
New outfits added
Updated system settings
Added customization guide
Added emotes
Improved UI & update pack size
Improved graphics
Battle parameters improve
Increased accuracy of RPG-7
Added bombing zones

The update gives the user new WP (Winner Pass) themes and rewards. Apart from that there were new emotes and outfits added which would make the game more similar to the main PUBG Mobile title. There was earlier no red zone in the game where the players had to run for cover due to bombs falling from the sky but with the new update, it has been added. Improved battle parameters would change bullet dynamics and the likes in the game which would make it more competitive.

As of right now the game only features a smaller version of the Erangel map but in future updates, we should see more maps added to the game.

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