PUBG Mobile team has pushed out the Season 8 update to the beta version of the game. The Season update brings ocean themed in-game accessories as well as updated Royale Pass membership.

PUBG Mobile Ocean life theme coming soon: Season 8 update to bring new outfits and other goodies


PUBG Mobile team is now bringing Season 8 update to the game.The new update brings a lot of ocean themed content.Rumours suggest that the Ocean theme could feature pirates.

PUBG Mobile is the current sensation for gamers with its top-of-the-line realistic presentation and an engaging battle royale gameplay. The developers keep updating the game with more engaging content to keep players happy and inspire them to return to the game continuously. Last year, the game started bringing special seasons to celebrate certain themes and spice up the gameplay. A subscription-based system was also introduced for hardcore players to earn more prizes per match. The last one introduced Godzilla themed stuff to the game in order to spice up the gameplay. Now, it’s time for the next season.

The PUBG Mobile team is now bringing Season 8 update to the game. In fact, if you play the beta version of the game, you will already get the Season 8 update. The new update brings a lot of ocean themed content to the game and updates the paid subscription system as well.

The PUBG Mobile team is calling the update “Power of the Ocean”. With this update, the team is celebrating the first anniversary of the Royale Pass subscription system. The team hasn’t released details about what this update exactly contains. However, rumours suggest that the Ocean theme could feature pirates. It is even said that players will be able to get the past rewards with the help of ocean-themed treasures.

However, the biggest change comes to the Royal Pass subscription models. While there are no specific details available about this plan, Mr.Ghost Gaming has suggested that this update will have two subscription models. The first one will be called the Elite Upgrade and will give around 300UC in-game currency and a lot of other goodies. The goodies will include rare outfits, Bronze Armor, Shark’s Bite – DP28, Delta Squad Set, Swamp Horror -SLR, Shells on Shore, and other stuff.

The Elite Upgrade Plus will offer 1,800UC in-game currency and also other exclusive stuff. Players will get access to new weekly Elite Missions. Also, there will be a lot of special stuff up for grabs such as the Scarlet Horror – SCAR-L rifle, 100 paid rewards, and Deep Sea UAZ (a UAZ with the Deep Sea livery). Other media reports also suggest new emotes such as Spawn Island Line Dance, and Triumphant victory.

The update is presently restricted to the beta version of the game and it is expected that the PUBG Mobile team will bring this update to the stable version within a few weeks.

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