PUBG Mobile was supposed to release the new Payload Mode with the new 0.15.0 update which was released last week.

PUBG Mobile: Payload Mode Arriving on October 23, Here’s Everything we Know

PUBG Mobile was supposed to release the new Payload Mode with the new 0.15.0 update which was released last week.

With the recent arrival of version 0.15.0, PUBG Mobile promised to bring a new mode to the popular battle royale game. However, fans were disappointed as the new Payload Mode never went live, even though it was added to the game. During the release of the update, PUBG Mobile had said that the Payload Mode will be available soon, and today we finally have a confirmed date.

The new action-packed mode will be live on Wednesday, October 23. According to a tweet from the official PUBG Mobile handle, the developers have been working to finalise and fine-tune the new mode, which is possibly the reason for its delay.

Are you ready for Payload Mode? Our Devs are hard at work putting on the final polish to this exciting new addition coming October 23. Who out there is looking forward to flying in a Helicopter?

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) October 21, 2019

The new Payload Mode has been available in beta for sometime now and was officially rolled out with update 0.15.0. It will be a part of the Arcade Mode and will be based on the classic battle royale mode but with a smaller area on Erangel with heavy weaponry as well as the ability to fly helicopters. Judging by some of the early gameplay videos, the new mode is definitely going to be an exciting addition to the game. Apart from the ability to fly helicopters, the mode will include weapons like the M3E1-A rocket launcher, the MGL and M79 grenade launchers and RPG-7. The mode also comes with a new feature that will allow you to revive a dead teammate by picking up their ID Card and taking it to the nearest radio tower.

The recent 0.15.0 update was released on October 16 bringing a bunch of new additions and upgrades to the game. Some of the prominent ones include the ability to shoot and make gas cans explode, grab onto high walls and ledges to climb buildings and other places, and use the powerful desert eagle pistol. There are also many other changes and additions that have been added to the game including new Halloween themed items, UMP changed to UMP45 (now takes .45mm ammo), and replacement of the armoured UAZ with the BRDM-2.

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