If you are playing the Payload Mode in PUBG Mobile, then you should check out relatively easy access to getting new/stronger weapons to slaughter opponents and thereby lay grabs on the Chicken Dinner. In the Payload Mode, this could be accomplished by utilising the Super Weapon Crates. This unlocks a plethora of weapons that could be used against enemies.  

Super Weapon Crates in Payload Mode

For starters, the location of creates would be indicated in the maps. These Super Weapon Crates contain super heavy weaponry such as RPG and Stringer. These could be used to finish off enemies relatively easily. Even weapon creates would be indicated on the map, so that players could directly navigate to these locations/zones and grab the weapons within the crates.  

Also, even when a crate is spanned, players would get instant notifications. These newer enhancements are now available within the Payload Mode. Now, if you are new, do remember that you could even use rocket launchers to launch an attack even on a group of enemies who are flying by even in helicopters. Hence, Super Weapon Crate’s weapons could be used in tandem with these heavy weaponry items (viz Grenade Launcher, and rocker launchers) to slaughter enemies mercilessly. In fact, PUBG Mobile has also strongly been advocating to use Super Weapon Crate (its associated weapons) on social media (Twitter).  

 In related PUBG Mobile aspects, apart from the Payload Mode there is also the Update 0.15.0 that introduces newer elements such as the Desert Eagle weapon ( a pistol), BRDM- 2 which is an amphibious tank, and even a Halloween costume theme. Hence, time is now seemingly ripe even for non-PUBG players to download and check out the mobile version of PUBG. But remember to only play the game as it is, do not get addicted or over-indulge. 

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