PUBG new weapons are always an exciting thing to see added to the game, and there will new firearms coming to the hands of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS players for both mobile and console formats this month.

PUBG New Weapons

Announced on the PUBG Mobile Twitter page yesterday, the new weapon is called the PP-19. It uses 9mm ammunition, only drops on Erangel and Vikendi maps, and has a magazine size of 53 rounds. This is the fifth sub-machine gun to be added to the game.

This weapon can be equipped with all scopes and all muzzle attachments previously available to firearms of the same category. It has a single-shot damage of 35 and holds a rate of fire akin to that of the UMP. The PP-19 will become available with Patch 0.13.5—which is scheduled to go live today.

Console players can expect to get their new weapon, the Deagle, with the July Update, which will be released to the Public Test Server (PTS) on July 23 and is scheduled to go live July 30.

The Deagle is a handgun that is supposed to have the highest damage of all weapons in that category at the expense of a higher recoil. It is currently known to deal 62 damage per shot and use .45 ACP ammunition with a standard magazine size on PC. This weapon will be a rare spawn available on all maps.

Photo courtesy of Tencent Games.