For all its posturing as the serious, hardcore battle royale, PUBG often reveals itself to be just as silly as anything you might find in Fortnite or Apex Legends.

Take this clip u/Nitesen posted to the PUBG subreddit Sunday. From the very beginning of the video, the humor makes itself known, as our protagonist — wearing loose, black and white-striped pants — narrowly UAZ barreling down a hill by jump to the side as they spray bullets.

The UAZ motors away, then circles back up the hill to try its luck a second time. Our hero hides behind a rock and manages to knock the driver out of the UAZ, leaving the car empty as it rolls past them up the hill.

The surviving combatant runs over to his opponent’s death box, but the camera stays in a wide shot to show the burned out husk of the UAZ rolling slowly back down the hill, picking up speed, and ultimately running straight over the looting player. Revenge wrought even in death, all thanks to humble gravity.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp