PUBG is still working towards even bigger improvements. Namely, a new feature that could improve the game’s communication is about to arrive. A pre-input set of radio messages. This will make the communication between players a lot easier, both for those who miss a microphone or cannot use voice communication at the time being.

Radio communication, as a feature, dates since the very origin of Shooter games and is mostly used in Military or Shooter games. It would be quite beneficial for them to arrive in the Battle Royale Genre too. That’s why PUBG is making the first move.

This feature will arrive together with patch 30, as noticed by the official PUBG devs.

No mic? No problem. Tell your squad how you really feel with Radio Messages! Part of Patch 30.
Read the full Patch Notes here:

— PUBG (@PUBG) July 11, 2019

The full list of changes for patch #30 is also exposed, and it contains quite a lot of changes. To see it for yourself, you can visit PUBG’s official website.