PUBG Corp moved North American and European servers to improve gameplay fairness

PUBG Corp announced plans to move its servers Wednesday in an effort to improve gameplay fairness and reduce desync.

The PUBG developer explained in a console development letter it had tested moving the game’s servers in both North America and Europe. North America tested new servers in Texas, while Europe tested servers in Frankfurt.

The sound of footsteps. The roar of engines. The spraying of guns. The squeal of tires. The horns sounding the charge.

Beep beep survivors. Season 5 is coming.

— PUBG (@PUBG) October 17, 2019

Both tests decreased the number of players with high ping. The tests in North America also resulted in fewer players with low ping, but made it more common for players to have the same ping, thus creating a more fair gameplay experience. This low level of disparity decreased instances of desync.

As a result of the tests, PUBG Corp has officially moved its servers to implement the change permanently. The developer also plans to implement a “new system to ensure better connection,” per the dev letter, but declined to offer specifics.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp