PUBG Update 30 is slated to hit public servers soon

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) players now have lots to cheer about as the PUBG Update 30 is now live on PC Test Servers. Biggest USP of the update 30 is the fact that it introduces the much needed BRDM-2 new vehicle and the Deagle new weapon amongst other new functionality. The PUBG Update 30 is not too far away from being ported to the live public servers.  

Now, if you play PUBG, do check for the Update 30 that is set to go live soon. Full list of the newer aspects introduced by the Update 30 (that is now on test servers) include: 

BRDM 2 – a new vehicle serving as an alternative to the UAZ (armoured) 
Deagle – a pistol like new weapon that can incorporate 7 rounds of ammo.  
LedgeGrab gameplay – allowing you to climb up the edge of roofs, fences, and even obstacles (having a height of 2.5 metres). In this mode, you could also jump from one building to another and from container to another container. 
Improved Gas Cans – Explodes to inflict maximum damage to people/objects around its radius 
Radio Message – Radio messages could be passed on to other players/team – to better manage the team. 

Then there are conventional aspects such as the Custom Match, UI/UX improvements, newer skins, ability to handle weapons effectively, and other performance enhancements, bug fixes. The update’s launch on the PUBG public servers seems imminent. 

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