PUBG Weapon Mastery is coming to PUBG Xbox and PS4 in the June 27, bringing a new form of progression to console players that PC players have enjoyed for months. Here’s what you need to know about the feature.

PUBG Weapon Mastery: Everything You Need to Know

Weapon Mastery is a new progression feature that allows players to earn unique and free rewards for playing with each weapon a certain amount. Hitting difficult shots, surviving for long periods and defeating enemies will all earn Weapon XP. That experience turns into levels, and every 10 levels players will advance to the next Mastery Tier, of which there are 10.

Gaining levels and advancing tiers will earn players rewards that can’t be obtained in any other way. Among those rewards are Charms, a new aesthetic reward that allows players to attach small flairs to their weapons. Leveling up also unlocks new Mastery Emblems to show off your progression.

Players can track their progress in a new Last Match screen that shows earned Weapon XP, weapon stats and earned rewards from that game. Players can also access a new Mastery Menu that shows progress across all matches, tracking weapon stats, rewards progress on each weapon and earned medals.

Medals are a new system to highlight accomplishments a player achieves in each game. They will debut alongside Weapon Mastery and revolve around rare weapons feats. PUBG Corp will release new information about Medals in the future.

Players can try out this new content June 27.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp