PUBG Wild Card Pack is a pack of bonuses for the latest season of PUBG Xbox’s Survivor Pass. Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card comes with a bevy of new cosmetics, and the Wild Card Pack is the simplest way to bundle access to those cosmetics together. Here’s what you need to know.

PUBG Wild Card Pack: How Much Does It Cost?

From May 28 to Aug. 5, players will be able to purchase the PUBG Wild Card Pack from the Microsoft store for $14.99. It includes the Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card itself, plus five levels on that pass.

It also includes the Ivory School Uniform Set (Female), a set of cosmetics featuring the School Skirt, School Jacket, School Shirt with Necktie and Sneakers (White). This set is exclusive to the Wild Card Pack — it cannot be obtained in any other way.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp