PUBG Xbox is receiving a much-needed patch update on June 27. There are plenty of additions like Weapon Mastery and medals. Of course, PUBG Corp couldn’t add changes without some type of aesthetics that can be sold and purchased.

That’s where the charms come in.

PUBG Xbox June 27 Update Introduces Charms

PUBG Xbox and PlayStation 4 might not be getting the Desert Eagle or the graphic update to Erangel, but it hasn’t been completely forgotten.

As described by PUBG Corp, “charms are a brand new aesthetic reward to PUBG. Charms are keychain-like trinkets that attach to the left side on the barrel of each weapon. You can equip and see which charms you have unlocked from inside the Mastery tab. We’re launching with 20 unique charms that must be earned on a per weapon basis and it’s a safe bet that there are more on the way.”

It sounds like the charms will need to be earned, however, fans might expect PUBG Corp will add seasonal or exclusive charms in the store that will need to be purchased.

The new patch for PUBG console launches June 27.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp