The first major update of Season X is coming in hotter than a glitched-out BRUTE.

We are starting with a Content Update as Epic will look to the earliest days of the Season X meta and figure out how it needs adjusting.

There are definitely plenty of possible issues for them to address. We know that the new weapon being added is a fully automatic sniper rifle. Even that can’t be 100% confirmed yet, but it is very likely to be added tomorrow.

The update is coming in at 8 AM ET on August 6th and won’t have any downtime for new files to be added.

The v10.00 Content Update arrives tomorrow, August 6 at 8 AM ET.

Scope out the Patch Notes when they’re available. No downtime required.

— Fortnite (@FortniteGame) August 5, 2019

What to expect in the Fortnite v10.00 Content Update

It seems like most updates also bring in something to be nerfed or vaulted. Obviously there is a prime candidate on most people’s minds headed into this update.

The tac shotgun. The tac is clearly the most overpowered… kidding. The BRUTE will almost certainly undergo some changes during this update. Here are some solid predictions:

Cutting the health by a lot. This feels like the most likely change as 1,000 health is just an absurd amount. Both the planes and ballers had to have their health nerfed multiple times and neither one was anywhere close to 1,000. I expect the health to drop to something like 500 after this update.

Cutting amount of rockets. Do we really need 10? Let’s cut that one to 5, or keep the amount the same but cut the damage down.

Epic could also be looking into cutting the movement speed a bit, cutting the spawn rate, or a multitude of other changes that would bring the power level of the BRUTE down.