Image via Epic Games

Fortnite players could see a familiar point of interest resurface soon. Data miners have found evidence that Risky Reels will return tomorrow when water levels decrease around the map. 

Fortnite data miner iFireMonkey released several images earlier today, showing Risky Reels above water with debris scattered around the area. The location will reportedly return when the water level decreases around the map tomorrow. 

🌊Water Level Decreases in 12 Hours and 37 Minutes🌊

The biggest change we will see with this new water level is Risky Reels fully returning

— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 (@iFireMonkey) July 10, 2020

Several locations are expected to return throughout the rest of the season. Other places reportedly returning include Weeping Woods and Slurpy Swamp, which are currently replaced by The Fortilla and The Rug. These locations will apparently be pushed out to sea when the water levels decrease. 

The next locations expected to reappear are Dirty Docks in the northeast corner of the map and Craggy Cliffs to the north. Some points of interest, such as The Authority, will likely remain untouched as the water decreases. 

Fortnite fans can expect more changes as the season progresses, too. Drivable cars will likely make an appearance once the water decreases enough. Data miners have found information on several types of vehicles, such as basic trucks, taxi cabs, and sports cars. There’s also a mysterious new point of interest known as The Ruins coming to the northwest corner of the map. 

The water is expected to decrease at 2am CT on July 11.