SypherPK and Ninja have put their brains together to solve one of the biggest, most game-changing problems in the world of Fortnite—stream-sniping.

The duo brainstormed a fix for players following them and killing them in their games, and it’s a mind-blowing feature that could change the face of gaming as we know it. Except, not really.

“I have the perfect solution,” SypherPK proclaimed. “You get killed by somebody, who you think is a stream sniper in a [public match] game, right, or even Arena—or let’s just assume [public], because Arena has a very small population base and sometimes you’re going to fight the same people, but—you can, instead of reporting, you can click ‘avoid this player,’ and then for like 30 days that person can’t get into your games.”

Ninja, of course, agreed with his duo, but with some changes. After years of competing at the highest level, Ninja is definitely someone who should be listened to when it comes to high-octane esports gameplay.

“It would have to be, again, only for, like, streamers,” Ninja said, thinking of he and his fellow content creating brethren who have the havoc of stream snipers wrought upon them. “Like, big streamers. Because if you open that up to everybody, players can do that every time they just get shit on by somebody who’s really good.”

So there you have it. SypherPK and Ninja believe that a “big streamer”-only “avoid player” button will put an end to stream-sniping for good. Because streamers would also never abuse it to avoid players who are really good.

Will Epic Games act? Or will stream snipers continue to destroy society as we know it? Stay tuned for more information over the coming weeks.