Fortnite Streamer, Ali ‘SypherPK Hassan, thinks that skill-based matchmaking causes players to no longer play for fun.

Skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) was one of the more controversial changes that Epic Games made to Fortnite. All skill levels used to play in the same lobbies. Now, we’re divided by our statistics.

The new system has done two things. It has devalued wins at the lower levels and caused higher-level play to unfold like a competitive match.

Fortnite players seem to be split on the topic of SBMM. Many of the lower-skilled players like the change, as they no longer have to face people who have been playing Fortnite since it came out. On the other end of the spectrum, players tend to get tired of facing skilled player after skilled player.

Fortnite Skill-based matchmaking faze thiefs

Fortnite Skill-based matchmaking faze thiefs

At this point, lower-skilled players seem to have an easier time getting wins than higher-skilled players. Other Battle Royales like Apex Legends and Warzone also use SBMM, but many Fortnite fans think that their game should be an exception.

A host of streamers have been complaining about skill-based matchmaking since it came out, including SypherPK. He ranted about the topic during a stream in January and many times before and since.

During a late-night stream on April 1, Sypher became frustrated with the Fortnite MMR system, once again. He was pushed and eliminated by someone in the storm and watched the player box-up and act like he was playing for a high-stakes prize.

The streamer predicted that the game would end in a heal-off, and it nearly did. He claimed that, without an aggressive player like himself, high-level games always end in a heal-off.

Sypher kept watching and became even more frustrated with the particular player and the SBMM system. He mocked the player for L2-spamming, which has already been removed from Fortnite.

“I hate SBMM so much,” he went on to say. “I hate it so much. Not because of good players playing. Only because of, just, the mentality and attitude that it promotes. Every pub game is like the World Cup qualifier.”

The match didn’t end in a heal-off as Sypher predicted. The final two players build-battled for a bit before the player Sypher was spectating made a high-ground Launch Pad move.

The other player killed the one that Sypher was spectating, which prompted a massive celebration. Sypher was so hyped that he raided the streamer who won the game.

This situation had a happy ending, but Sypher has a point about skill-based matchmaking. High-level public matches are incredibly serious these days, with the last four or five players boxed-up waiting for zone.

There are few differences between high-level public matches and mid-level Arena matches. The tag ‘Arena without siphon’ is accurate.

Unfortunately, it would be surprising for Epic to backtrack on their SBMM system. The developers want casual players to get more wins – and they are. Unfortunately, that means high-skilled players are having a tougher time.