Source: Channel 9

Source: Channel 9&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspTwitter

The world of gaming entails a lot of expenses and time. But the returns can be healthy if one has plans to make a profession out of it.

Around the world, hundreds (probably thousands) of gamers make a living by sharing walkthrough videos and reviews of old and new games. These videos get millions of views on YouTube and other streaming sites.  Some gamers make big bucks by participating in online gaming tournaments.

While gaming is still not considered a serious money-making profession, there are many enthusiastic people who have dedicated their lives to the virtual world.

Having said that, parents are not always positive about the opportunities in the gaming world. In fact, most non-gaming parents believe the activity is detrimental to their child’s physical and mental health. But there are some who think differently.

Alex Mackechnie, a 17-year-old from Gold Coast, has dropped out of school to become a professional Fortnite player. And his decision has been backed by his father.

Alex started showing serious potential to be a top Fortnite player in his early teens. Now, he believes he can make a living by going pro.

The dream is not too unrealistic. Gamers with a good social media presence earn millions of dollars in prize money and sponsorship deals.

Alex, after a modest beginning, now has over 22,000 followers on Twitch. He has already earned $42,000 in the past 18 months by competing in online competitions.

The teenager’s dad said that he never imagined that he would allow one of his kids to drop out of school for gaming. But when he realised Alex’s passion for gaming, he backed the decision.

Now, there are days when Alex makes more money than his father.

“We have always been very strict on screens. We wanted him to focus on his studies during the week so we made sure he was only gaming on the weekends. It wasn’t until last year we thought, ‘wow this is serious’. We thought, ‘how would you support your child if they were a top swimmer and the Olympics was that year’?” said Alex’s father.