Live life, head-end program on the afternoon grill on Telecinco weekends, dedicated its last section on January 18 to talk about the Fortnite phenomenon. Phenomenon in which they focused on assessing the consequences that the title can create among young people (and not so young).

“This game, with more than 300 million followers, can create addiction”, the presenter begins. During the first moments of the exhibition he dedicates his words to quote several media “warning” of the effects that he reaches. Among them, La Voz de Galicia stands out, in which they extract that “we must treat Fortnite addiction like that of drugs”. Then they rely on a carousel of clips in which several minors take badly to have been eliminated from a game, “breaking television”.

The program contacts Joan Arnedo, author of “Estudio Fortnite” at the Oberta University of Catalonia, to review the conclusions of his research. “We take children under 12 and see how many play Fortnite.” In a sample of 550 minors, “60% play it without meeting the requirement, which shows that the recommended age is not taken into account”. In this case, the recommended PEGI is for people over 12 years old. “They play mostly on weekends for 1 hour, which would be a reasonable time,” he explains. However, there was another part that broke the statistics: “But it is true that about 40% played two or more hours a day.”

Telecinco attacks Fortnite

Joan concludes by expressing the consequences that a minor may have on entering this spiral: “The fact that a child devotes too many hours would culminate in the fact that he stops carrying out his responsibilities. When they stop doing certain tasks that have to be carried out, it carries a danger ”. For him, at this point, “there may be an addiction”.

On your own, the program determines the points for which “Fortnite is so addictive”. They underline “their gratuity, availability on all platforms, being a group experience, accessible and the release of Dopamine” as keys for more and more users to be immersed in the game.

Although the focus was mostly on minors, Viva la Vida reports that teenagers and adults have also “fallen” in Fortnite. They set an example that “tournaments are played all over the world and the best are billionaires”. For them the case of the Streamer “FaZe Jarvis”, banned by Epic Games after making a series of videos in which it was shown using traps, does not go unnoticed.

Telecinco attacks Fortnite

During the last minutes of the program, after taking advantage of the invitation of an 18-year-old who is dedicated to being a professional player in it, the questions of the collaborators were dedicated to this fact. Between laughs, The question on the table was whether his thought was “to devote himself exclusively to play” or if “he was ever afraid of becoming addicted.” They did not overlook the last signs that accompanied the statements, such as “some children arrive without sleep at school for killing the 99 players and winning the video game” or “Fortnite is the fashion video game‘ as addictive as cocaine ’in which 300 million people play”.

Source | Telecinco