Tensions ran hot during week four of the Fortnite Champion Series. Tfue’s squad was at each others’ throats and the streamer called for LG to drop one of their players for ‘griefing.’

The Fortnite Champion Series is far from perfect, but it’s the best Fortnite competition that we have right now. There are bugs, inconsistencies, lag, and general frustration running amuck in the professional scene.

Tfue and his team of Cloakzy, Khanada, and Fiber were running hot over the weekend after being steadily contested at Steamy Stacks in the FNCS. At one point, Fiber unwisely pushed the contesting team after Khanada went down, leading to everyone ganging up on the Liquid pro.

Tension spilled over to Twitter after the competition ended. Fiber Tweeted, “Khanada has to be the most immature kid I have ever played with. jfc.” He responded to BenjyFishy, explaining that he (Fiber) “threw the last game. Took blame. This kid still constantly bickering and saying ‘omg guy is so bad.’”

The tweets have since been deleted and the two Fortnite pros appear to have settled their differences off-stream.

This was all to explain the climate in which the team was operating. Things were tense and toxic. The squad was getting contested at Steamy Stacks and weren’t always coming out on top.

All four felt as though they were being ‘griefed’ by the team landing with them. Since Tfue and Cloak have two of the biggest viewer bases in Fortnite, they began to accuse the other squad of ‘clout farming.’

This is where Tfue called for everyone in his chat to “hit up Steve from LG and tell him to drop him.”

Tfue was specifically talking about Neferux in this clip. Serendipitously, Neferux competed with Fiber during the World Cup Duos competition.

Neferux and his squad didn’t take these accusations lying down, however. One of the LG player’s teammates, BlastaMastaa, posted to the r/FortniteCompetitive subreddit about the ordeal.

It’s easy to see both sides of this argument. I can understand why Tfue and the gang were aggravated that their landing spot was contested nearly every match. I can also understand why another team may want to contest them on purpose to see if they have what it takes before the final stage of the competition – clout aside.

If Neferux and his squad aren’t invited to pro scrims, then there’s only one way to see if they can regularly beat Tfue, Cloakzy, Khanada, and Fiber.

Tfue probably went too far when he called for LG to drop Neferux, but we’re all gamers here. Things get toxic – that’s just how it goes, sometimes.

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