Fortnite players were routinely choosing the Blue Tactical Shotgun over the Purple and Gold variants due to the lower pullout time. A recent update secretly buffed the higher-level Tac Shotguns.

The current state of shotguns is a topic of much debate in the Fortnite community. Most players prefer the Tac over the Pump nowadays – at least until the Pump is Purple or Gold.

More interestingly, though, was the choice of a Blue vs. Purple Tac Shotgun. The Blue Tac had a faster pullout time, which was enough for some players to choose it over the Gold and Purple variants, including popular streamer NickMercs.

Gold Pump
Purple Pump
Blue Tac
Gold Tac
Green Tac
Purple Tac
Blue Pump
Grey Tac
Green Pump
Grey Pump

— Nickmercs (@NICKMERCS) November 7, 2019

A recent update to Fortnite has seemingly buffed the pullout time of the Gold and Purple Tac shotguns, however, making them even quicker on the draw than the Blue version.

Reddit user ZarteckNotbanned posted a clip to Reddit of the adjusted pullout times, showing that the Gold Tac is now slightly quicker than the Blue Tac.

According to this test, the Gold Tac can now pull and shoot .016 seconds faster than the Blue Tac.

There were some complaints about the pullout times before Epic made this change. As gamers, Purple and Gold guns should always feel more valuable than Blue and Green guns. This wasn’t the case for many Fortnite players before the recent update.

Via: Epic Games

This is just the latest in a long list of changes that Epic has made without telling the community.

Players were – and likely still are – choosing the Blue Tac over the Purple and Gold Tac because they think the pullout time is quicker. This is not the case, anymore.

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