Just when you thought that the Loot Lake Vault couldn’t hurt us anymore, it begins to appear on screens in Season 2 locations.

The ties between Fortnite Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are loose, but they’re there. It’s hard to tie the two parts together, but a look around the map shows you that these chapters are somehow connected.

The most evident connection is probably at Steamy Stacks and the Kevolution Energy plant. There’s a small statue of Kevin the Cube along with some sort of purple liquid that seems to be a byproduct of our old buddy.

This isn’t the only relationship, of course, and more are getting dug up as Chapter 2 rolls along. We can assume that we’ll get a complete overview at some point, but we can only follow clues, right now.

Reddit user and Fortnite lore specialist u/Koooooomar discovered a suspicious image that’s been slowly sharpening over the past few weeks.

On some of the screens at The Shark and The Yacht, you can see a faint, blue circle that appears to be the Loot Lake vault from Chapter 1.

Someone from Chapter 2 is accessing information from Chapter 1. It could even be a character who has been working behind the scenes the entire time – possibly the Chaos Agent.

Via: u/Koooooomar

This piece of evidence draws my mind directly to the new hatches that have spawned around The Agency. This central location has a lot in common with Loot Lake, and the connection between the two is growing closer.

What if this is an image of a structure under The Agency? Could we be seeing the events from Chapter 2 play out in a similar fashion to the last chapter? This discovery prompts so many questions.

Could the lake around The Agency be a portal to the Chapter 1 map? Could these hatches be the first stage of uncovering this connection? What else do these two worlds have in common? Only time will tell.