Epic has announced that the next Fortnite Champion Series will feature Squads. Check out all of the latest details and a few teams that have already been announced.

The first season of the Fortnite Champion Series is in the books, and we’re onto the next tournament for competitive Fortnite.

Epic is sticking with the FCS format but adding a new game mode to the competition. The next FCS will feature Squads – which will mark the first time we’ve seen this game mode in a competitive setting.

Here’s everything we know so far along with a few high-profile teams that have already been announced.

FCS Squads

We saw a few leaks that pointed to Arena Squads coming to Fortnite and the rumors have now been confirmed.

Squads is the only game mode that we haven’t seen featured in a major tournament, so it makes sense that it will be the primary mode of the next FCS.

We still don’t have word on whether or not Duos Arena will be coming back, but an early guess would be that we’ll only be able to play Arena Solos or Squads for Fortnite Season 11.

Squads was the assumed competitive mode when Fortnite first came out. Players were scrimming Squads before custom matches were even considered by Epic Games.

Now, the game has come full-circle and will now bring Squads to FCS.

There are some major concerns about this mode, however. Anyone who spectated the old Squad scrims knows that the servers couldn’t handle it. End-games would be a laggy jumble of builds and Storm Damage.

Epic has improved a lot of those problems since the old days of Fortnite, so hopefully, they’ve ironed out the kinks in performance.

Early Teams

.@Mongraal x @benjyfishy x @stompybtw x @aquaa pic.twitter.com/LlBPHsF18D

— mongraal (@Mongraal) September 23, 2019

A few squads have already been announced for the next FCS. Mongraal and Benjyfishy have ditched Mitr0 and will be playing with Aqua and Stompy.

Bugha will be playing with Zayt, Saf, and Stretched – which will probably be the favorite NA East team before anyone has played a match.

Zexrow, Yung calculator, and Mackwood will be adding Clix to their team, which will be another difficult team to get through.

Chap has announced that his trio is actively looking for a fourth. It would make sense for someone like Poach, 72hrs, Cloakzy, Reverse2k or Symfuhny to join that roster. Many of them have tweeted that they’re looking for a squad.

Which players would you like to see team up for FCS Squads? Let us know on Twitter @FortniteTracker.