In a vlog style YouTube video from March 2019, Pokimane explained her parents had come to town and she used this as an opprotunity to “chill out and kinda just do a bit of a mental reset, which I felt I really needed.”

She said she tends to keep moving forward without re-evaluating her content and her direction, and in stepping back she realized she is fortunate enough to be able to prioritize her happiness over making money: she can play what she wants and experiment to see what works. And she specifically addressed Fortnite, stating, “I do still enjoy Fortnite sometimes but I don’t really have a feeling of wanting to play it all the time.” 

Fair enough. She’s certainly allowed to get tired of a game. And Fortnite, while still hugely popular, has faded over time from its initial popularity. She’s not the only one who isn’t playing as much.

In the description for the video, Pokimane notes,”I hope you all understand what I mean when I say I want to be able to do lots of different fun content for you all, and some of that will include Fortnite but some of it may not — I just have newfound motivation to try new things and make that entertaining for y’all, and not feel restricted!”