October 23, 2020

This new bundle doesn’t come cheap, but you definitely get good bang for your buck.

Epic have certainly been ramping up their cosmetics game as of late. For the last few weeks, the Fortnite Item Shop has been flooded with offerings, from limited time packs to spooky new skins for Halloween.

The most recent addition is the highly anticipated Skull Squad pack, which is now rolling out worldwide. It features a selection of classic Fortnite outfits, reworked with the famous Skull Trooper black and white design.

enter image description here

“Rise from the crypt and creep on the unsuspecting with this bone chilling Skeleteam! Rattle your bones with the Skull Squad pack!”

Players can pick up the new pack for $19.99 USD/£15.99 GBP. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use V-Bucks to buy it.

Whilst it may seem expensive, there is quite a lot included with your Skull Squad purchase. You will receive each of the following cosmetics:

If you can’t see the Skull Squad pack in your Item Shop yet and don’t want to wait, you may be able to purchase it directly from the PlayStation or Microsoft stores. It is expected to leave the shop on November 9.