Ninja recently played a match on his stream and discussed his thoughts on the current state of Fortnite. The blue-haired streamer had quite a few thoughts on the game and how it had changed.

“Traps are such a crutch”– says Ninja

Traps were a staple of Fortnite ever since its release in 2017 but were removed from the game through the recent v12.00 update. Ninja expressed his disdain at traps while casually destroying a player.

Traps are such a crutch, I was all for nerfing the damage of the traps. Epic must’ve thought people would’ve used it in a fun way. The best Epic could come up with was that poison dart trap or the ice trap. If you wanna bring traps back, you have to think of why they were removed in the first place.” Ninja stated while in the game.

Since before its removal, traps had always been controversial, as it was abused by players. This took away the entertainment factor of the game, making it more infuriating than fun. Moreover, as Ninja states in the stream, traps became a reliable way out of a hard 4×4 enclosed shootout, which cheapened encounters as it was now easy to dodge them.

Skill Based Match Making

Another dynamic and touchy part of Fortnite discussions is SBMM. Skill Based Match Making is code that matches up players with similar statistics against each other. This made it more fun for inexperienced low-tier players, however, pros and highly skilled players have to now sweat it out more even in casual games.

Ninja stated that many of his friends stopped playing Fortnite as it had become less fun owing to SBMM.

If they tweaked skill-based matchmaking and made it more fun for casuals, it would attract a lot of the OGs to come back.

SBMM becomes absolutely essential for new players since they wouldn’t exactly progress with ease if they’re matched up with the pros. Several notable personalities have spoken out in favor of re-adding SBMM, to make the game more accessible for casuals. The lack of SBMM in match lobbies had also given rise to another controversy, an absurdly high number of bots in games. Ninja also had specific opinions of SBMM being re-added into squad matches after the abundant presence of bots was exposed.

Ninja also lightly touched on the highly demanding ping that Fortnite needs for competitive play. This seemed to be a touchy subject, as Ninja has been seen unfairly beaten due to other players having lower ping than him.

“20 to 30 ping is good ping in every other game than Fortnite. If someone had 10 ping, 5 ping, or 0 ping, they win.”

Moreover, varying ping levels among players also give rise to glitching within the game itself. One such glitch which players abuse is wall phasing. It has been exploited since 2017, with little to no fixes in sight by Epic Games. According to Ninja, all of these exploits and glitches don’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.