Ever since the a health bar appeared on the iceberg in the ocean, communal events based around doing damage to an object have been fairly common.

The Nexus event took the concept and made it a central part of the storyline as Fortnite players had to team up to accomplish a goal together to push the event along.

Now we have another event beginning.

There’s a massive rubber ducky with green sunglasses in the river outside of Lucky Landing.

The duck reportedly has 1 million health and it appears can only be damaged by pickaxes.

New rubber duck by Lucky Landing with 1000000 health! from r/FortNiteBR

Only pickaxe damage is unconfirmed as of right now but makes the most sense as the community has quickly figured out ways to melt these health bars when weapon damage is also allowed.

Assuming Epic wants this duck to last at least a couple of hours, it will probably require quite a few people pickaxing it at once.

In the past Epic has actually increased the health of these objects to prolong the time it takes to destroy them as the community was working too quickly for the Nexus event schedule.

What this duck is leading too, no one knows. It doesn’t feel like it is a story point as Epic employees are on the first day of their 14-day break and we haven’t found much in the way of new event files.

It may just be something the community can focus on while 14 Days of Summer goes on with other health bar objects showing up throughout the event.

Do you think this duck is just hanging out, or part of something more?