February 20, 2020

With Fortnite Season 2 finally here, we have been treated to plenty of changes and exciting new content. Here are some of the things you may not have noticed to keep you up to scratch.

Weapons and loot

The loot pool has been changed drastically for Season 2, with a bunch of unvaulted weapons and even some brand-new items (There could well be more yet to be discovered).

A new throwable item has also been added which functions similarly to a Sneaky Snowman. It allows you to hide and move inside a box and even pop out to take a shot. Decoy Grenades are also new and will allow you to create a distraction by spawning in an AI player wearing an identical skin to you.

One of the longest standing pieces of utility in Fortnite, the Damage Trap has now been vaulted. This news will no doubt have a mixed reception from the community. Launch Pads consequently seem easier to find, and they are also now available in Arena.

It’s also now possible to get your hands on Mythic variants of weapons such as the Drum Gun and Assault Rifle. These are obtained by taking out one of the boss AI’s in the new POIs.

There is an EXTREMELY rare mythic weapon you can get by eliminating Henchmen called Midas’ Drum Gun. And uh… overpowered is quite the understatement. from r/FortNiteBR

Other Changes

Asides from weapons, here are some other cool tips that people are discovering in Season 2:

When you jump inside of various port-a-potties at the new locations, you will be flushed away to a different spot within the base. What a way to escape!

You can also hop inside a red telephone box to disguise yourself as a Henchman and fool other security guards and cameras.

You can throw heals to your teammates now 😀 pic.twitter.com/es1yZKxWZZ

— Myth (@TSM_Myth) February 20, 2020

Consumables such as Small Shield Potions and Bandages can now be thrown. This is an awesome feature that could come in clutch when you need to get your teammates some heals pronto.

Stay tuned as we discover more of the secrets of Fortnite Season 2.