Are you a high-ping warrior struggling to keep your walls? This tip could help you.

Ping is an important element of any competitive game. The higher your ping, the more latency there is between pressing your button and the action on your screen. In a game like Fortnite, a millisecond can be the difference between life and death.

Boxfighting has been the competitive Fortnite meta for a while, but boxfighting on high ping can be difficult. It’s nearly a sure thing that an opponent will take your wall, which can spell your death if the other player is talented.

Most high-ping players know this, and don’t even attempt to hold their walls.
The bulk of them will attempt an edit play or take a 50-50 when an opponent boxes them up.

This alternative strategy, presented by Jedi2x, presents another option for high-ping players. It will buy you a few more seconds to make that edit play and get out of a tight situation.

Instead of holding your wall and hoping that an opponent has bad timing, you can choose to break the wall and take it back for yourself. As soon as you see your opponent attempt that second swing, swing your own pickaxe and take the wall, again.

This method seems simple, but it will require that you have optimal timing when you take the wall back. If not, your opponent will steal it anyway.

Playing on high ping is never ideal, but a lot of players have to deal with it. This strategy can help keep you safe in your box and buy you a few more seconds to edit, shoot, and win the fight.