The new ‘Cap Kick’ emote has a secret variant you might not know about.

The ‘Cap Kick’ emote is, at the time of writing, the newest cosmetic to enter the Fortnite Item Shop. It’s nothing special when you take it at face value. All it is is another in-game reference to a popular meme.

The bottle cap challenge was a viral sensation over the 2019 summer. Celebrities, athletes, and fans alike tried to kick the caps off of bottles without knocking it over.

There were a lot of successful attempts, but even more failures. Regular people attempted this, after all, and fell flat on their faces in the process.

Epic showcased the successful attempts with the Cap Kick emote, but didn’t showcase the failures in the Item Shop. It’s not until you have this emote in your locker that you’ll see the secret variant that presents itself from time to time.

This is the second RNG-based emote that Epic has added in Fortnite Chapter 2. It works similarly to the Hoola emote, only in reverse. You will succeed at the Cap Kick more frequently than you fail.

Epic will undoubtedly continue to add these emotes in the future. Unfortunately, we have to wait another month before we see what the Season 2 Battle Pass will bring us.