Trios was added back into the Fortnite game files, signifying that it should be returning soon.

Competitive Fortnite has now covered all of the different game modes. We had Solos and Duos in the World Cup along with Trios and Squads FNCS competitions.

We’re in the midst of downtime in Season 1, which means there are few competitive opportunities outside of Cash Cups and Hype Nites. Many players are wondering what’s next for competitive Fortnite.

Data miner @iFireMonkey reported that Trios was added to the top of the playlists in the Fortnite API. Naturally, this signifies that it will likely come to the game with the start of Season 2.

Trios was recently pushed to the top of the playlists in the API meaning that we should be expecting it to release again soon!

— FireMonkey • Fortnite Intel 🎄 (@iFireMonkey) February 12, 2020

It’s unclear whether or not Trios will be the standard format or if we’ll be able to play Arena Trios again. This also raises the question: could we be getting a Trios World Cup?

The Duos World Cup was relatively exciting from a viewership perspective, but the Trios FNCS might have been even better. World Cup Solos is a no-brainer, but the second mode is still up for debate.

Epic Games

Hopefully, the Trios playlist is a sign of things to come for competitive Fortnite. It was a little cleaner than Squads but still gave viewers that big-team feeling.

This mode might not be the most conventional one in Fortnite, but the Trios FNCS got a lot of viewers. Epic may be positioning competitive Fortnite to head into the World Cup 2020 with a Trios competition.