Twitch alerted the Fortnite community today that players will have the chance to compete alongside their favorite streamers for charity later this month.

Players from two regions, EMEA and NA, can participate in the Twitch Rivals Community Charity Showdown starting Dec. 16.

Twitch Esports on Twitter

Don’t miss your chance to squad up with your favorite streamer in the Twitch Rivals Community Charity Showdown featuring Fortnite! If you’ve followed a participant on Twitch by 11/16 you’re eligible. Your Twitch & Epic account link must be complete by 12/13 at 7 PM EST!

Top Fortnite competitors and streamers like Tom “72hrs” Mulligan, Nick “NickEh30” Amyoony, Martin “MrSavage” Anderson, and Ali “SypherPK” Hassan will be playing in the event.

Here are all the competitors who will be representing NA and EMEA, respectively.

Twitch Esports on Twitter

@FortniteGame @NickEh30 @SypherPK @72hrs @LiquidChap @aydan @Ghost_Bizzle @ItsFearItSelf @Sceptic @zayt @GhostSaf @Heelmike6 @ProblemWright @ONE_shot_GURL @UpshallGames @TocataTV @Zimojo_ @AmericanDadLive @MrConRem @HippieHabitat @drnkie EMEA Communities @HandIOfIBlood @AmarCoDTV @mcky_tv @KamoLRF @M10Harmii @POW3R_GC PiazzTwitch Rekinss @Ewrron @TheGrefgYT @Dheyl0 @bazattak007 @MarkiLokurasY @Gotaga @PrismTeeqzy @LeStreamFR @XEWER KriszhAdvice @MrSavage @Trymacs_YT

Fans can earn a chance to play in the tournament by following these steps:

Link your Twitch and Epic accounts via this link by Dec. 13 at 6pm CT.On Dec. 16, hop into the right matchmaking region for a shot to queue with your favorite creators.

Creators from EMEA and NA will play on Dec. 16 and 19, with each region having their own time slot. EMEA will begin at 12pm CT while NA will take place at 6pm CT.