As Bouncers inch their way back into the meta, Fortnite players are reporting numerous issues with them as they aren’t actually keeping them safe from fall damage.

Bouncers are supposed to provide a way for players to jump down from high heights while also avoiding fall damage.

Most of the time it works just fine but it seems to have a bug at the absolute worst times. Players have been posting on r/FortniteBR with their problems, and all of them pretty much follow the same trend.

Bouncers might result in your death.

It’s a late-game situation, the poster is high up laying down fire on his opponent when they try to use the Bouncer to get down to their level, but instead of floating down safely, they are instead eliminated for whatever reason.

Reddit user DownhillAbyss57 captured a moment like this perfectly and it certainly helped bring more eyes to the issue.

It’s easy to write this off as a one-time thing, but with the number of players who have been running into the same thing, it’s becoming harder to ignore.

There hasn’t been any sort of explanation as to why this is happening but it’s becoming one of the more annoying bugs in the game.

Bouncers don’t have a ton of uses as is so losing one of the more important ones makes it frustrating, especially when it causes you to lose a match you believe you should’ve won.

Epic Games haven’t publicly commented on this bug as of yet, but we can count on it being fixed in the near future as it continues to plague other players. Perhaps we could see a fix as soon as the launch of the much-anticipated Season 11.

Have you fallen victim to a faulty Bouncer yet in Fortnite? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!